"Lend a Hand" service

What is the "Lend a Hand" service?

Are you already struggling to finish a piece of work, and would find an extra pair of hands useful? Or would you feel more confident with a little advice when tackling a project?

Then perhaps I can help? As you can see, I have a wide range of skills, and would be very happy to assist people in their own DIY projects. Sometimes these can seem very daunting and can be hard to start. Let me help you get started, or to just go over your approach.

The service is flexible, and I can charge by the hour, so if you need me to drop in a couple of times just to assist with particular parts of the task then I'd be delighted to help you achieve your goal.

"If you have a problem, I can help find the solution"          023 8042 2098          07717 507529          enquiries@jimcookservices.co.uk